Selecting the right address is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a business owner. You plan to open a business bank account for your startup, so a virtual mailbox or PO box is out of the question, since these are not recognized as physical addresses.

Your address will need to meet a specific set of criteria when it comes to business banking. Keep reading to learn about the two front-runners for physical business addresses: VPM’s TruLease service and a traditional virtual office.

What is TruLease

TruLease is an address service that allows you to obtain a real U.S. physical address along with a lease agreement and utility bill.

VPM makes this possible by partnering with commercial building owners to provide and lease office suites in their buildings. Let’s break down exactly how the service works:

  1. To allow you access to a rental office, VPM partners with building owners to provide commercial spaces in office buildings. Your new address is not a mailbox address, registered agent office address, virtual office address, or coworking space.
  2. Once you have chosen a state and finished signing up, VPM will provide you with your new commercial business address for use.
  3. You’ll sign a one-year lease for an office suite that comes with a unique office suite address.

In addition to your lease agreement, you also have the option to add a utility bill to your plan. The utility bill is under the lessor's name, and you may request it once you have fully executed the lease agreement. It is typically provided to you within 1-2 business days.

Once you’ve received access to your new address, lease agreement, and utility bill, you can start using them immediately for any of the following:

Benefits of TruLease

TruLease comes bundled with 2 addresses – a mailbox address and a physical leased address. Since a virtual mailbox is included with all TruLease plans, you'll enjoy perks that you wouldn’t get access to if you rented the space yourself, like mail scanning, package forwarding, and remote check deposit.

Much like a virtual office, TruLease offers a cost-effective alternative to renting a traditional brick-and-mortar office space. This one-of-a-kind solution allows small business owners like you to establish a professional business address without the exorbitant overhead costs of maintaining a physical office. Invest the money saved back into your business, and it's a win-win for you!

Downsides of TruLease

At the moment, address locations are limited, as TruLease is only available in 3 states: California, Florida, and Delaware. However, VPM plans to expand TruLease to more states in the near future, so keep an eye out for address updates.

Now, let’s take a look at what many of you might consider to be an alternative to TruLease: a virtual office.

What is a virtual office

A virtual office is a modern address solution that allows you to maintain a professional presence without the hassle of buying or renting a brick-and-mortar office.

Virtual offices often include a variety of features, including a business address, phone support, administrative assistance, and access to meeting rooms and mail handling. It's a mix of a traditional office in amenities and elements, but with the flexibility of remote work.

Benefits of a virtual office

Many entrepreneurs choose to go the virtual office route because of the affordability factor. It costs far less to acquire a virtual office than to lease a fully functional, in-person office suite on your own. Opting for a virtual office eliminates the financial burden of a mortgage, as well as building maintenance and repair.

Beyond the economic benefits, a virtual office provides you with extra administrative services that can save you time and effort, with some (though not all) including virtual mailbox services and in-person conference space.

Downsides of a virtual office

Not all virtual offices offer true physical addresses. If you’re thinking about signing up for a virtual office, you’ll want to be diligent with your research to ensure the type of address you’re getting meets all the requirements necessary to open a business bank account.

To make the process of opening financial accounts as stress-free as possible, you should choose a virtual office that will provide you with a physical address, lease agreement, and utility bill. This way, you can cover all of your bases when it comes to verifying your address.

WARNING - Some companies will present you with a service agreement in lieu of a lease agreement, and this is not always guaranteed to work. Additionally, a service agreement is only a short-term solution. Your address should be a long-term investment that will help you stay compliant with federal regulations.

Comparing TruLease vs. virtual offices

Now that you know how TruLease differs from a virtual office, let’s take a look at popular virtual office services and how they stack up when compared to VPM’s TruLease plan.


VPM’s TruLease service comes with a physical business address, virtual mailbox, and lease agreement to use for your business. As a bonus, you can have a utility bill added to your plan for a one-time fee, allowing you to open marketplace stores (think Amazon or Shopify) with ease.

TruLease does not come with the same amenities that you typically see with other virtual offices, such as a live receptionist, phone number, or conference room. If you don't need anticipate needing these resources, TruLease may be ideal for you.


  • All TruLease addresses are real physical addresses attached to commercial buildings
  • Lease agreement
  • Get two separate addresses (mailbox address and physical address)
  • Optional utility bill available for additional proof of address
  • Joint tenant add-on available
  • On-site inspections and call verifications are provided
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Gain access to virtual mailbox services: 24/7 online mail management, mail scanning, remote check deposit, and package forwarding
  • Free registered agent service that comes with the mailbox address
  • Free unlimited digital storage


  • Only available in 3 states
  • 1-year lease agreement required
  • Utility bill and joint tenant add-ons cost extra


Regus offers more than 4,000 business addresses worldwide. In addition to securing a professional address, you’ll enjoy virtual office features like access to a local telephone number, live receptionist services, and mail scanning and forwarding.

Unfortunately, Regus is unable to add a lease agreement or utility bill to any of their plans.


  • All of Regus’ business addresses are physical addresses
  • Locations available in every state
  • Comes with standard virtual office features: local phone number, live receptionist, and mail scanning and forwarding services
  • All plans include the option to use the virtual office in-person 2 days each month
  • Short-term contracts are available at a higher monthly cost


  • No lease agreement
  • No utility bill
  • Registered agent service costs extra

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent offers a comprehensive virtual office package that includes a professional business address, month-to-month lease, and fully functional virtual phone line with your preferred area code. With locations available in 12 states, you can choose between daily mail scanning and weekly mail forwarding to compliment your remote business.

Since a lease agreement will accompany your business address, this is a viable option for business banking. However, you won’t be able to get a utility bill in the event that further proof of address is needed.


  • All of Northwest Registered Agents’ business addresses come with unique suite numbers and a real office lease
  • Amazon Verification Cards are accepted at all locations
  • No long-term contract required


  • No utility bill available
  • Plans offer same-day digital scanning OR weekly physical mail forwarding, but not both
  • Registered agent service cost extra

Alliance Virtual Office

Alliance Virtual Office offers a physical business address along with mail processing and pickup. However, if you wish to add a business phone number and live receptionist to your plan, you’ll have to pay extra.

You won’t get a lease agreement or utility bill with your package, either. Instead, you’ll be provided with an Alliance Address Certification Letter, which may not work when attempting to open a business bank account.


  • All of Alliance Virtual Offices’ addresses are attached to commercial buildings
  • Locations are available in many states
  • Mail processing and pickup is included in your plan


  • 6-month contract required
  • Typical virtual office amenities, like a phone number, live receptionist service, and mail forwarding costs extra
  • No lease agreement or utility bill
  • Registered agent service is not offered or included in any plans

Starthub Centers

Starthub Centers provides virtual office packages that include a physical business address and virtual mailbox. In addition to the basics, you’ll gain access to amenities like a dedicated phone number, assistance from a trained receptionist, unlimited mail scans with complimentary storage, and mail forwarding.

For those seeking a physical address for proof of address requirements, access to a lease agreement and utility bill is only available with the co-working space package, which starts at a significantly higher monthly price point.


  • All of Starthub Centers’ locations are physical addresses
  • Unlimited mail scans, free storage, mail forwarding are included with your plan
  • First year of registered agent service is free


  • 1-year contact is required
  • Only two locations available: Miami, Florida and Houston, Texas
  • To get a lease agreement and utility bill, you’ll need to sign up for their co-working space package
  • Access to in-person meeting spaces costs extra

Offix Solutions

Offix Solutions caters to those seeking a professional business address in South Florida. While mail scanning, pickup, and forwarding services are included with the basic plan, it is missing some of the more standard components of a virtual office, like a telephone line and live receptionist services.

However, if you’re looking for a lease agreement and utility bill, you’re in luck. Offix Solutions is willing to provide this.


  • All of Offix Solutions’ virtual office plans come with real physical addresses
  • Mail collection, notification, management, and forwarding is included
  • Registered agent service is available
  • Month-to-month leases are available
  • Lease agreement and utility bill available upon request; however, you’ll be responsible for paying for 6 months of service up-front


  • 4 locations are available at this time, all concentrated within the South Florida area
  • Access to meeting rooms or in-person office space costs extra
  • Telephone and answering services are only available with their higher tier plans


Spaces allows you to establish a professional presence for your business by leasing a virtual office. With numerous locations available both in the U.S. and globally, each plan includes mail handling, telephone answering, and call forwarding services. Additionally, select locations offer on-demand access to office space.

While Spaces does offer the opportunity to sign a short-term contract at a more expensive rate, they don’t provide a lease agreement or utility bill with your address. By now, you know what that means… probably not the best choice for business banking.


  • They offer a large network of commercial business addresses
  • Packages include mail handling, call forwarding, and live telephone service
  • Gain access to networking events
  • Short-term contracts are available at a higher monthly cost


  • No option to add a lease agreement
  • No utility bill available to your plan


Expansive’s virtual office package provides a flexible address solution for business owners. With their most basic plan, you’ll get a professional business address to use in addition to mail receiving services. However, many of their services cost extra (like mail forwarding and electronic mail scanning) and there’s a $99 initiation fee.

Keep in mind that you won’t get a lease agreement or utility bill with either of their virtual office plans, so this isn’t an ideal address solution to open a business bank account.


  • All of Expansive’s locations are physical business addresses
  • Choose from locations all over the country


  • 6-month contract required
  • Many of their basic amenities cost extra
  • No option to add a lease agreement or utility bill

Intelligent Office

Intelligent Office’s virtual office plan, you’ll get a professional business address and virtual mailbox. A la carte services are available for an extra fee, including on-demand meeting rooms and phone, receptionist, and virtual assistant services.

Like many others on this list, they do not offer the option to add a lease agreement or utility bill, rendering it ineffective for business banking.


  • All of Intelligent Office’s locations are commercial business addresses
  • Comes with a virtual mailbox


  • Any additional services (i.e. phone, receptionist, hourly office space, etc.) costs extra
  • No option to add a lease agreement or utility bill
  • They do not offer registered agent services

Venture X

A Venture X virtual office is another option. Their most basic plan comes with amenities like mail and scanning service, live receptionist answering, and access to conference rooms. On the downside, you won’t get a lease agreement or utility bill, so it’s not a great solution for opening a business bank account.


  • All of Venture X’s locations are commercial business addresses
  • Locations available in 14 states
  • Get access to features like mail scanning and forwarding, a private mailbox, and discounts on meeting rooms
  • Month-to-month contracts available


  • No option to add a lease agreement or utility bill

Banking on the Right Address: TruLease vs. Virtual Offices

In summary, a virtual office can be a huge compliment to your business if you anticipate needing additional administrative services, like a telephone number or live receptionist. However, it may not be the most ideal choice for business banking. Many financial institutions will reject an address, even if it comes with a lease agreement and utility bill, if they see that it is a virtual office.

With multiple locations to choose from, convenient virtual mailbox features to make your life easier, and a 30-day money-back guarantee, TruLease presents an affordable and convenient solution to all of your business banking challenges. So, don’t let small obstacles hinder your business growth; find the perfect business banking address today!