Coworking spaces have become popular with people working remotely. As coworking spaces continue to increase in popularity, users can now add options to improve their working experience.

In this blog post, we will explain how a virtual mailbox can complement a coworking space to provide you with all the benefits of working in a traditional office while maintaining the freedom and flexibility of being a remote business owner.

What is a Coworking Space

A coworking space is a shared space in an office building. They are typically large open spaces where individuals or groups go to work, whether as a team or individually.

Usually in a coworking space, individuals simply look for any open desk to use. There’s no dedicated or reserved desk for you unless you pay more for it.

While the services offered by coworking spaces vary according to membership plans, here is a list of what you can typically expect:

  • Access to meeting rooms.
  • Community break rooms.
  • Open collaboration space.
  • High-speed internet.
  • Modern and functional work desks and comfortable chairs.

Imagine an environment without the stuffiness of a corporate office space, but still more structure than your home office.

What is a Virtual Mailbox

A virtual mailbox gives you a real street address with your own personal box number. As a result, you can handle your mail and packages online using any device at any time from anywhere.

Once mail is received, you choose what to do with it; forward, shred, or discard mail and packages. A virtual mailbox also offers more features, which include the following:

  • Permanent address that can receive mail and packages from all couriers including USPS, UPS, and FedEx.
  • Advanced mail scanning where all the mail you receive is professionally scanned, uploaded, and downloadable online.
  • Mail and package forwarding where you can quickly and affordably forward your mail and packages to anywhere in the world.
  • Check depositing services that allow you to conveniently deposit checks you receive without having to physically go to the bank.
  • Digital copies of all your mail are stored long term in your account.

It is a convenient way for remote workers to get a permanent street business address in order to handle all of their mail and keep track of important legal documents. In short, a virtual mailbox let’s you stay connected no matter where you are.

How a Coworking Space and Virtual Mailbox Complement Each

By using a virtual mailbox with your coworking space you will truly have the freedom to work anywhere while running a remote business. You will have the ability to work at any coworking space in the world without ever worrying about updating your addresses or how you’ll get your mail and packages as well as store everything digitally.

Coworking Space Advantages

Using coworking spaces comes with two key benefits.


The first advantage is that you have unlimited access to amenities. You can take advantage of the physical space’s mail handling, workspace areas, internet services, snack bars, and 24/7 access to the facility.


The other advantage to using a coworking space is the social networking opportunity it provides. People develop a sense of community by working in a creative environment surrounded by like-minded professionals.

Coworking spaces are a good way of gaining new perspectives, since you’ll have the opportunity to interact with people working in different industries**.** You’ll have the ability to learn from their experiences, which can help you with your own business. As a result, people who use coworking spaces report feeling more content and creative.

In fact, according to the Harvard Business Review, a team of researchers reported that people who used coworking spaces expressed they were performing more meaningful work and felt they were a part of a community.

Overall, a coworking space is usually full of entrepreneurs and freelancers, which can help build valuable networks, support systems, and learning opportunities.

Who Will Benefit Most from a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces are a good choice for people who want a physical location to work at every day.

They are also designed for anyone who wants the ability to conduct meetings, hold team-building events, or host social activities for customers. They are great solutions for those who manage a team remotely.

Finally, coworking spaces are best for those wanting to leave the solitude of a home office or coffee shop and value belonging to a community, while networking and socializing with fellow entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Virtual Mailbox Advantages

By using a virtual mailbox, you’ll have a permanent street address to receive mail and packages, which come with the following advantages:

Work Anywhere

The biggest advantage is that you have the freedom to work from anywhere you like while still maintaining a permanent street address, which you can use for years to come even if you move or change your location.

Coworking spaces, on the other hand, do not offer a specialized personal address (i.e., a mailbox attached to the address for you).

Instead, individuals can usually send their mail to the coworking space of their choice and someone there will attempt to receive it and give you the mail.

By using a virtual mailbox service, you can work at any coworking center without having to worry about changing or updating addresses if you were using the coworking space as the main address.

Along with a permanent street address you’ll achieve a professional business image, physical presence, and keep your business information private and secure.

Manage Mail Anywhere

Another major advantage to using a virtual mailbox is that you can manage mail from anywhere, on any device. This means you won't have to worry about physically traveling to the coworking center.

Since coworking spaces don’t scan your mail, you’d need to travel to the specific coworking space to get your mail.

By using a virtual mailbox, you can receive mail in real time and address any important documents immediately. You’ll get email notifications and be able to view your mail online and then decide what to do with it. You’ll also be able to easily forward your mail to any address you are located at as you work in multiple coworking spaces.

Another perk is that a virtual mailbox allows you to forward packages. It’s as easy as managing your mail. Choose to have mail and packages combined and shipped as one bundle. Bundled shipping usually lowers the cost.

In addition, depositing checks has never been easier. Your virtual mailbox provider can deposit any checks you receive, sparing you from ever having to go to a bank.

Save Time by Digitally Storing Mail

A virtual mailbox can scan and digitally store the mail you receive in your account for a long period of time. By using this digital-storage option, you will save time and energy by avoiding the inconvenience of sorting through huge piles of physical mail.

Another powerful feature is the ability to quickly search through PDF scans using OCR technology. Instantly go through all of your mail PDFs on your computer whenever you need to find a particular piece of mail.

For example, if you are looking for “2018 taxes,” then simply type in the keywords “2018 taxes” and all the PDF files containing those words will show up in your results.

This option is a great time saver if you have a large number of files and documents you have to maintain for your business, since you won’t have to open each one individually to see if it’s the file you need.

Who Will Benefit Most from a Virtual Mailbox

A virtual mailbox conveys the appearance of having a physical office when you don’t have a need for a commercial office space.

If you run your business from home, a virtual mailbox will keep your personal information private by providing you with a respectable business address that you can use for public records.

You’ll also have a permanent street address so if you work remotely or constantly change your workplace, but need a permanent address a virtual mailbox is the perfect solution. In turn, your business will also have a physical presence and professional business image.

Get the Best of Both Worlds

A virtual mailbox will give those using coworking spaces the ability to maintain a permanent business address while traveling and working anywhere. They can still maintain their remote lifestyle with a virtual mailbox, since they can access, manage, and handle any important documents and pieces of mail with a click of a button.

Get a permanent address with a virtual mailbox so you can work at any coworking space in the world without ever worrying about updating your address ever again.