You enjoy your nomadic lifestyle and the freedom that comes with it, but you need a way to manage and maintain your personal bank accounts, credit cards, and mail while traveling and working remotely.

Unfortunately, you can’t use a PO box to maintain personal accounts, and while a virtual mailbox is a great option for staying on top of your mail, it won't be very useful when trying to keep your U.S. credit card(s) open, since it's not a true physical address. So, what address option does that leave you with?

Look no further than TruResidence, your ultimate address solution to help you maintain your U.S. ties while living and working overseas.

Why you need TruResidence

Living abroad can present a unique set of challenges. Although its importance may not be evident on a daily basis, you’re guaranteed to need a U.S. home address eventually.

Of course, you can always ask a close friend or family member for their permission to use their address. However, you won’t be able to get a lease agreement from them, nor can they pledge the same high-level of security that your VPM residential address provides. Imagine them opening up your bank account statements or viewing your confidential tax documents, even just by accident. A total invasion of privacy!

Furthermore, what happens if said friend or family member decides to take an extended vacation? You find out at the last minute that they’ll be spending the spring traipsing around Europe, tasting decadent Italian dishes and visiting art museums. To complicate matters even further, they’ve decided to leave just a few weeks before taxes are due and haven’t been able to forward you the documents needed to file due to travel.

Overall, choosing to rely on friends and family is not the best option if you care about your privacy and timeliness of your personal accounts and mail. With TruResidence, you won't have to worry about these hypothetical scenarios. It’s your ultimate personal address solution when it comes to achieving security and reliability while living and working abroad.

What is TruResidence

VPM’s TruResidence service allows you to secure a prestigious home address in a high-rise condominium tower. It’s your luxury home address away from home and your one-stop-shop when it comes to managing and maintaining personal mail and accounts.

You can rent a space at the home, which will then come with a lease agreement that you can use for proof of address. Should you decide to add a lease agreement to your plan, you’ll pay the first month’s rent, a one-time processing/setup fee, and a refundable security deposit returned upon termination of the lease. Pricing may vary depending on the location of the home address, and additional documentation and credit checks may be required.

Here are some common uses for the service:

  • Maintaining a U.S. address to receive mail and packages while overseas: You may be on the go, but your home address doesn’t have to be. Move as many times as you want without worrying about where your mail items will end up.
  • Opening and maintaining personal bank accounts: Need to open or maintain a personal bank account in the U.S.? TruResidence offers a desirable solution by providing a valid U.S. residential address to use for the long-term for banking purposes. No need to update that home address on your financial accounts.
  • Opening and maintaining personal credit cards: Similarly, TruResidence can be used to establish and manage personal credit cards, providing a U.S. address for billing and correspondence and is accepted as a physical address.

It’s important to note that TruResidence is not for the use of operating e-commerce stores or public facing platforms. That means you cannot use it for websites, business cards, social media profiles, or drop shipping operations to name a few exclusions. If your needs align more with business-related physical address management, VPM’s TruLease service may be better suited for you.

Frequently asked questions about TruResidence

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Your U.S. home address while abroad

Although your lifestyle isn’t tied down to a specific location, parts of your life still need a link with a U.S. home address. With TruResidence you’ll get a long-term residential address that offers security, reliability, and online access to your personal mail, plus the ability to manage your personal accounts so you can stay connected. Act fast, because spots for TruResidence locations are limited!