As a long-term traveler, you can’t leave home as if you’re leaving for vacation. Instead, you’ll be away for 2-3 months at a time, and your goal is to stay connected while traveling. So, how can you do that? How will you manage your mail while being gone for months at a time?

Introducing the power of the virtual mailbox. With a virtual mailbox, you can stay connected from halfway across the world and still manage your mail, no matter how long you are gone. Read on to learn about the ways that a virtual mailbox can benefit you as a long-term traveler.

1. Reduce your chances of having your mail and packages stolen

As a long-term traveler, you can expect that your mail and packages will be traveling far distances to reach you or remain at your designated address for months at a time. Neither option is reassuring when you’re worried about whether your packages will remain in good condition or if your mail is going to become lost or stolen.

How do you store packages for months at a time? And think about your mail. If it starts piling up in your mailbox, how can you make sure your mail isn’t taken, read, or stolen? That’s too much to worry about and stay on top of.

With a virtual mailbox, you don’t have to lie awake at night worrying about these matters.

Virtual mailbox services have a secure mail-handling delivery process, which ensures that your mail is not read by anyone but yourself and that your mail and packages are stored in safe facilities. All locations have round-the-clock surveillance monitoring, security alarms, and camera systems, which protect your mail and packages while you sleep.

Also, your mail and packages are stored in a secure location that can be accessed by authorized personnel who have gone through a background check and credentials.

While virtual mailbox services vary in their delivery times, because VPM owns all of its locations, the risk of lost mail and delays is reduced. There are no third-party locations or multiple stops, which means your mail takes fewer detours to get into your online mailbox.

2. Access documents from any device, anywhere

Just because you are traveling doesn’t mean your bills or important documents stop coming. This is why you still need to be able to access all of your important documents and stay connected.

With a virtual mailbox, you will be able to receive real-time notifications as soon as your mail arrives. A virtual mailbox provides you with a digital copy of your important mail items. As soon as your mail is received, it’s scanned automatically for you so you can view it via an electronic device, much like email.

This way, you won't miss time-sensitive deadlines, such as paying your bills and taxes or updating your driver’s license. And if you have documents that you need to get physical documents in your hand, then no problem! Virtual mailboxes have mail forwarding.

3. You need to be able to receive checks

Maybe you’re retired and still need to receive your social security or pension checks, or maybe you’re just taking a long, much-deserved travel break from work. Either way, it’s still essential for you to receive checks while you are out traveling the world because who doesn’t love seeing the money in your bank account go up?

A virtual mailbox service ensures that you are notified of any and all checks that are delivered to your address. On top of that, VPM has a check depositing service that is fast, convenient, and easy to use. This means that you can save the time to have to drive and step foot in a bank again to deposit a check ever again.

All you have to do is submit a deposit request online, and your check will be deposited to any bank of your choice, no matter where you are on the globe. Don’t spend your time worrying about finding a bank to deposit your checks while you travel, and instead, enjoy your time and watch your bank account get fatter!

4. You want to stay connected and purchase the U.S. brands you love

Just because you are traveling in a foreign country far away from home does not mean you can’t access things that are familiar to you and feel like home. Say you run out of deodorant, and you still have two months left traveling during the hot, humid summer months in Asia. You’re going to need to purchase deodorant. The thing is, most Asian countries don’t sell deodorant. Oh no, how are you going to get deodorant?

With a virtual mailbox, you can purchase your favorite deodorant brand from back home in the U.S. and have it forwarded to you in no time. Your body will thank you for that.

Many U.S. stores don’t ship internationally, so it can be very difficult to receive packages from U.S. brands. However, a virtual mailbox makes it possible to obtain it, even if that brand isn’t sold on the continent you’re on.

Plus, package forwarding can be expensive when shipping to another country, but virtual mailboxes allow you to send your packages in bulk, reducing your cost to order the products you want, and have them shipped to your virtual mailbox address.

Use package forwarding to combine packages, select your forwarding carrier and shipment method, schedule forwarding dates, add insurance, and tracking shipments.

Ready to change your life?

As a long-term traveler, the last thing you should do is worry about your mail back home. Rather than stressing about whether your packages are getting stolen or your mail is unprotected, you can be traveling the world, having the time of your life. With a virtual mailbox, you can still access important documents with real-time notifications, purchase all of your favorite brands, and even receive checks.

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