In the early stages of starting a business, the home address is often the business address, and this might not bother you. However, to achieve a more credible and professional image, and to protect and maintain your privacy, a separate business address is highly recommended. If you don’t have a different physical location, a virtual mailbox is the answer.

VirtualPostMail will provide you with a permanent business address, which as a business owner you can conveniently manage personal and business mail entirely online plus much more. Read on to discover the numerous ways VirtualPostMail can benefit you and your business.

1. Commercial Business Address

The benefits of having a commercial business address include the following:

Get Mail and Packages From All Couriers - Regardless of the courier service, we can accept all sizes and shapes of packages for you, including UPS, FedEx, USPS. The alternative option, a PO box, only accepts mail from USPS.

Keep Your Personal Information Private - Working from home often means making your home address public. VirtualPostMail provides a commercial business address that you can give out to vendors, customers, and public visibility instead of your home address. That means no angry customers will come pounding on your door. You’ll feel safer and more protected.

Portray a Professional Business Image - A PO Box projects a less respectable image for startups. VirtualPostMail owns commercial locations, which means your address is actually a commercial business address.

For example compare these two addresses:

Real Commercial Business Address

Purely Virtual Company

1234 Lincoln Blvd #5555

Los Angeles, CA 90000

PO Box Address

Joe Smith Company

PO Box 5555

Los Angeles, CA 90000

You can see how the real commercial business address will build credibility and trust for your brand. Big difference, right? Wait, there’s more!

Always Keep Your Same Address - Changing addresses can be confusing for customers and suggest instability in your company. If you use your home address and move, you could miss vital mail. Plus, you’ll have to update your address on invoices, banks, and any other business documents.

If you use our address it will not change. Therefore even if you move, your business will maintain continuity, which adds to your credibility and trustworthiness.

Use Your Address to Register an LLC or Corporation - Registration as an LLC or corporation requires a physical street address. A PO box is not accepted.

2. Privacy and Security

Your mail and packages are delivered directly to our center of operations at all our locations. There is no middleman and we don’t send your mail and packages to another processing center.

How do we do it? We can do it because we own our mailing centers. This cuts out many steps of the delivery process resulting in the reduction of theft, loss, and damage to your deliveries. Because we cut out the middle man that also means you’ll get your mail in your virtual mailbox faster.

Additionally, every single piece of mail is tagged individually, which is then stored securely within our locked locations under surveillance. We audit our processes regularly to ensure we are performing all tasks correctly. At no extra charge, we shred the mail you wish to discard, which keeps your information completely secure. We protect your data online by encrypting it to a 256-bit level, which protects all your personal and business information and correspondence.

Plus, for even more security VPM customer data is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) is secure and is also HIPPA compliant and will also sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA).

3. Global Mail Management

It can be a challenge to keep track of your mail if you travel frequently or are very busy. How do you fix this problem? By using VPM's mail services you won't need to miss another important document. It saves you from relying on others, like friends or family to collect your mail and it’s so easy!

Get Your Mail Anytime from Anywhere - Our virtual mailbox enables you to view your correspondence no matter where you are providing you have internet access. Thus you can conveniently manage your mail 24/7.

No Software to Deal With - VirtualPostMail’s services are based in the cloud so you can view your mail any time without downloading any software.

Forward Your Mail and Packages - If you prefer to have the physical copies of your mail, use our package forwarding option. Your mail and packages can be forwarded to anywhere across the globe. Simply advise us which mail to send where and it will be done.

Real-Time Notifications - Get email notifications in real-time whenever you receive mail. There is no need to log into your online mailbox to view it because a quick preview appears in the notification email.

4. Same-Day Processing

We process all incoming mail on the same day or within a maximum of 1 business day of receiving it. Any mail we receive before 3:00 PM is processed and available on the same day. Any other requests for scanning are done within 1 business day.

We can make requests for special handling so that you know your packages will be delivered by a specialty courier in one piece. You need to put this order in with the request for the upgrade by 2:00 pm.

5. Check Deposit Services

You can deposit any check received by VirtualPostMail on your behalf no matter how far away you are. Our check deposit service is the most convenient way of depositing checks. Simply receive a check in your virtual mailbox and ask us to deposit it for you, provided your bank will accept mailed deposits. Get paid faster by customers!

Quick - We process the request and send the deposit within 1 business day. Your bank will then process it and deposit money into your account. Depending on the bank, your money should be available within a week.

Cost Effective - There are no expensive monthly fees or setup costs. You will only pay for deposits you choose to make. You can also send multiple checks together to save you money on deposit fees.

Send to The Bank of Your Choice - You can deposit your check into any US bank, providing they have mail deposit services.

Accept US Payments - If you are based overseas, we can receive your checks from US customers for you.

6. Free Registered Agent Services

Rather than paying separately for a mailbox service as well as a registered agent, you can pay one fee for one platform and save yourself money and the bother of managing separate accounts.

VirtualPostMail is the only virtual mailbox service that offers registered agent services (the person responsible for receiving legal and other mail notifications on your behalf) in each of our locations. We offer free registered agent services with supported VirtualPostMail accounts. It is very cost-effective for businesses who would usually hire a registered agent as well as a mailbox service. You can save more than $100 per year this way.

Our services meet the requirements for an LLC or corporation to designate as a registered agent, which means we can process and accept any legal documents for you. If you have a Limited Liability Company (LLC), Limited Partnership (LP), or Corporation, you must legally have a registered agent. We can do this for you.

Other benefits include:

Same Day Access - With other registered agents, you may need to wait several days for served documents to be shipped. We can provide access to legally served documents on the same day we receive them, which gives extra time to read and respond to them. They are scanned and will appear in your virtual mailbox on the same day we receive them. With real-time email notifications, you can quickly consult with your lawyer and respond.

Protect Your Privacy - If you designate yourself as the registered agent and use your home address, that information is available publicly on the Secretary of State website, listed under your business entity. Your personal contact information is listed on public documents and process servers will deliver notifications to your house. VirtualPostMail Registered Agent Service will help protect your privacy by being listed as your registered agent on the Secretary of State website public.

7. Full Mail Management Solution

VirtualPostMail is the most efficient and fastest way for you to manage mail and packages. Your incoming business mail is digitized to easily accomplish productive record-keeping, taxes and paperless filing.

Get your mail delivered to us and we will sort and open your mail, as well as scan your correspondence and packages, which saves you time, money and energy.

Junk mail is completely eliminated before it gets anywhere near you.

VirtualPostMail can help you achieve a paperless office, where you can store all your documents.

Access your mail online, then choose which you would like to be forwarded, stored in unlimited digital archiving or shredded.

You can download digital copies of any selected mail in PDF format, and it’s easy to search for your important documents with our fully OCR'd PDF files.


VirtualPostMail is the most comprehensive and flexible mailing service. Our services include the benefit of a commercial business address, which allows you to keep your home address private and confidential.

We offer unparalleled privacy and security to ensure your mail is processed in one location with same day service.

You can easily have mail and packages forwarded to you from anywhere. Most of all, access mail in real-time and from any device, all you need with us is internet access.

We will deposit your checks, provided your bank allows this, thus enabling you to have faster and convenient access to your income.

Our virtual mailbox service is the only one to offer registered agent services. It is free of charge with selected plans. We will receive legal correspondence and serve papers on your behalf, without delay.

We offer a full mail management system designed to be your paperless office. You’ll save time scanning important documents plus you can archive and organize mail for taxes and record keeping purposes.