Not all virtual mailboxes are the same. So how do you know which one is right for you?

Here are 4 reasons why you should get a business address with VirtualPostMail. We’re also sharing some insider secrets that other virtual mailbox providers don’t want you to know about.

1. Safe & Reliable Business Address

Here’s a dirty little secret no one in the industry wants you to know:

Secret: Almost none of the virtual mailbox providers own or operate all their location addresses.

Most providers use third party partners like P.O. Boxes, UPS Stores, virtual offices, coworking spaces, or mom & pop mailbox stores for their addresses. These partners receive your mail and then forward them back to the mailbox provider’s central processing center.

Using someone else’s address lowers their fixed costs and allows them to spread to many cities like wildfire so they can grab more customers. Great for them!

Not so great for you. Here’s why:

  • Third party partners can stop being a partner or shutdown at anytime. If this happens, you will have to go through obtaining a new address, updating all your mailing addresses, and notify any customers who send you payments.
  • There is no quality control over how your mail is handled. These address partners have their own primary businesses to run, which means that your mail does not go through a strict processing pipeline to ensure that your mail is handled with tender loving care. The lack of control increases the risk of missing mail, damage, and theft.

Using a provider’s partner address amplifies your risk of not having a safe and reliable address for your mail.

That’s why VirtualPostMail took the road-less-traveled to own and operate all their locations without using any address partners. This ensures absolute control over the proper handling of your mail so you can sleep like a baby at night.

2. Mail Available Within One Business Day

What do tax letters, payroll documents, bills and legal notices have in common? Other than wanting your hard-earned money, they’re all time sensitive. Penalties may be high or crippling if you don’t respond within a specified time.

It’s understandable that having an address close to you is great, but do you know what you’re giving up?

Secret: Receiving mail at a third-party partner address can take up to 1-2 weeks possible longer before you see it in your virtual mailbox.

Mail needs to be forwarded from the partner address back to the mailbox provider’s central processing center. By the time you see your mail, you might as well fork out more money to pay that late fee. And let’s certainly hope you don’t miss any deadlines for legal matters.

Oh, did some sales rep tell you that it takes 2-5 days to see your mail in your inbox? Best to read up on some Google and Yelp reviews first to make sure that’s the case. And if you deal with time-sensitive documents (here’s looking at you, lawyers and CPAs), then even a 2-day delay is unacceptable.

What you need is a mailbox provider who can process and store your mail on-site at the address you are using.

That’s exactly what VirtualPostMail does.

Every VirtualPostMail location is a central processing center because mail is received, processed, and stored at each location. Your mail is normally available to you the same day it is received.

3. Free Registered Agent Services

Did you know that if you have an LLC or Corporation, you are required by law to designate a registered agent that can receive any court-related documents, legal matters correspondences, and any other government-related notifications?

Secret: Many businesses pay over $100 a year for registered agent services.

Do you know how often you get mail through a registered agent? Probably a couple times a year unless you are involved in a litigation. So why are you paying so much for it?

Stop wasting money and get free registered agent service with your VirtualPostMail mailbox.

Registered agent service is available in states where VirtualPostMail has locations in. Any legally served documents or notices are available to you on the same day they’re received. Registered agent service is free with any eligible plan.

Need it for a few businesses? Not a problem.

Own a real estate empire with hundreds of LLCs? Registered agent service is still free because size does not matter.

4. Keep Your Business Running Even When Disaster Hits

Have you ever thought about what happens when disaster hits and you’re not able to keep your office open? Or maybe with the state of the world you currently have. It’s probably why you’re reading this right now.

Secret: Most virtual mailbox providers have only a single central processing center.

How scary does that sound? Not too much. But what if disaster hits YOUR provider? That could be fire, flood, or earthquake. What will you do if your business receives check payments in your mail?

Sounds improbable? With the recent COVID-19 stay at home orders, many mailbox provider’s partners have closed down without notice. Many users didn’t realize this until weeks later because their mailbox providers never notified them. Mail ended up who knows where.

It’s a good thing that VirtualPostMail doesn’t centralize mail processing. Each location can stand and run on its own, which makes every location a central processing center. In doing this, if disaster ever strikes, processing disruption is localized to that specific location. Other location can even pick up the load if necessary.

Why VirtualPostMail?

Want to run your business from anywhere? Need to get your mail without delays? Have an LLC or Corporation that needs a registered agent? Need to make sure that you can still keep your business running when disaster hits?

A VirtualPostMail business address can do all that for you plus save you tons of time and help you run your business better than anyone else.

With VirtualPostMail, you don’t just get an address for your mail. You get a partner for life.