You might think that a virtual mailbox will only give you a permanent business address to receive your business’s mail when you don’t have a physical (brick and mortar) location. Sure, it gives you access to your mail online from any device, anywhere, but did you know it gives you much more?

VirtualPostMail (VPM) offers a wide array of services that can enhance your remote business and make your daily responsibilities convenient, whether it’s by providing a team of helping hands without the stress of hiring, saving you time by depositing your checks for you, or giving you a separate address that you can use for your business. Continue below to learn about ways that VPM can help your remote business.

1. Deposit Checks From Your Device

With VPM’s check depositing service, you’ll be able to deposit your checks the moment you see them arrive in your mailbox, just with a click of a button. This means that you can save time with having to take a trip to the bank to deposit a check. You can also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Fast Processing – Your checks will process and update in your account in one business day.
  • Cost-Effective – Most banks require deposit fees for every check and have expensive monthly fees or set up costs, and that can add up. With VPM, you can save on these costs by only paying for the deposits you make, deposit multiple checks for bundled savings, and having no minimum commitments.
  • Deposit to Any Bank – VPM’s check depositing service allows you to deposit to any bank of your choice.

With this check depositing feature, you can save time and money. Want to learn about another feature that will save you time and money? Check out the package forwarding service below.

2. Use Package Forwarding for Greater Savings

Similar to your mail, you’ll be able to manage your packages all in one place through your VPM online account. Say you run an online store and have to manage customer returns. VPM’s package forwarding allows you to track every returned package without the hassle of going to the delivery site yourself. If you have a time-sensitive package that you need to receive, no worries!

VPM’s package forwarding has fast processing and will ship your package out within one business day. You can also enjoy discounts, savings, and custom shipping prices by bundling and shipping multiple packages in one delivery. You can get what you need to any location all while saving time and money.

3. Free Registered Agent Service

Are you forming an LLC? Did you know you’ll need a registered agent? As an LLC, you are required to designate a registered agent to receive service of process and communications from the Secretary of State on behalf of your business. While you can act as your own registered agent, this is advised against unless you want to be overwhelmed with compliance matters and stay stuck at your designated location during business hours at all times so you don’t risk missing service of process.

Imagine this compliance nightmare. You are served a lawsuit, and you miss a deadline because you were caught up in business matters. You’ll lose much more than just your case - it’s your assets and profits too. Still think you can handle the rule about business hours? Say you receive an email from a potential big client who is only in town to speak with you before heading to the airport and wants to meet you for coffee close to there. Your address for your registered agent, which is your home, is two hours away. What should you do?

Why choose? Use VPM!

With select virtual mailbox plans, you will get a FREE registered agent service available at all VPM locations. You can operate your remote business (i.e. single-member LLC) in the state you want to operate your business. This registered agent service will ensure your business stays compliant with the state, and you will also save over $100 a year compared to using a dedicated registered service. Find out more about why you should combine your virtual mailbox with your registered agent service.

4. TruLease Gives You Proof of Address

Do you need to open a business bank account, but don’t have a suitable physical address to use? Not sure which addresses are accepted and which ones are not? Here is a list of unacceptable addresses for proof of address.

You can’t use a virtual mailbox as an acceptable physical address, but that’s where TruLease comes in. Because all locations are owned by VPM, you will get a real physical address that will be accepted by banks.

VPM partners with commercial building owners to provide you with a physical office space. You’ll sign a lease agreement to show proof that you have an office space. If needed, you can request a utility bill for additional proof of address.

5. TruAssist Offers the Remote Back Office Team You Need

If you’re at the stage in your business where you need support to grow and continue to run your business, TruAssist is the service for you. With your remote business work getting more tedious and repetitive, you’re starting to have operational business tasks that don’t require a full-time hire, but you still need extra help. These helping hands can save you time from making calls, scheduling appointments, or checking the books so you can spend your time growing your business instead.

TruAssist provides you with a remote back office team that can help you with that. Don’t worry about the searching, scheduling, interviewing, hiring, and firing process. VPM takes care of finding the right people for your jobs.

You will also get guaranteed quality work with a dedicated task manager and a team of experienced team members.


You can get a lot more out of your virtual mailbox than just a permanent business address at which to receive business mail.

VPM’s virtual mailbox offers services that can help you manage your daily business operations and responsibilities with ease all under one platform. Whether you need to deposit checks, forward packages, or open a business bank account, VPM has you covered. And don’t forget, you also can get a FREE registered agent and full remote back office team to help with tedious and repetitive tasks that would be better offloaded to helping hands.