Imagine this. You roll out of bed, make a cup of coffee, and get right to work, bedhead and all. As a remote startup founder, you don’t have to imagine it! That’s the glory of running your own business from home. However, as a startup running your online remote business, you have run into a problem.

How do you make your company look like a big business even though you’re running it out of your home and in your pajamas?

Virtual mailboxes are here to help. You don’t need to change the way you run your business. Instead, read on to learn how a virtual mailbox can give you the professional business image you want, no matter where your base operations are (i.e. your coffee table or couch).

Get a Real Street Address Attached to a Commercial Office

With a virtual mailbox, you can get a physical street address attached to a commercial office building. This will provide your business with a prestigious image and professional reputation, all while protecting your privacy and safety.

Think about when your potential customers do a Google search on your business. One of the first things that will show up is your business address. Now, you could use your home address as your business address, but if your customers see a home address for your business, they’ll start to question whether your business is trustworthy or reputable. You’ll run into a similar issue if you use a PO box address or private mailbox, such as a UPS store. Ask yourself this, if you saw a home address, PO box, or private mailbox as a business address would you trust them? I know my answer. And that’s why you’re here too.

Therefore, having a physical street address attached to a commercial office gives your customers the impression that you are a professional and trustworthy business, you’ll get the look of an online commercial office space, even if you work from home in your pajamas.

In addition, since your business address is Google-able by anyone with a device, you need to be careful about what type of address you’re releasing to the public. With a virtual mailbox, your personal home address will be protected from prying eyes or hackers who would want to do harm to you and your business. You’ll want that layer of protection and distance between your sacred home space and customers, I promise.

VirtualPostMail (VPM) owns all of its locations, so when you are provided with a physical street address from VPM each location is attached to a commercial office, you can be assured that the address is permanent. Even if you move, whether it is two streets down or across the country, your business will stay intact with the permanent and unchanging address provided to you by VPM. So, no matter how many times you move, your business address won’t.

Similarly, if you are looking to expand your business and operate in multiple locations, a virtual mailbox makes that easy! Save yourself the exhaustion of traveling or moving to each new location you want to expand to, and instead, get a commercial street address with a virtual mailbox. VPM can help you get a local presence, even if you aren’t there. Talk about a big impact in your pajamas!

VPM Professional Business Address Locations

Now that I’ve given you all the good stuff about how a virtual mailbox gives you a professional business image, which locations should you pick?

I’ll break down each VPM virtual mailbox location and you can decide what location is the best for you to get a professional business image.

California Virtual Mailbox

Not only do you get a professional location and address, but you also get to enjoy the prestige and reputation that comes with having a business in California.

Along with your permanent California mailbox address, you can combine your virtual mailbox with multiple features including check deposit, package forwarding, and a FREE registered agent.

Delaware Virtual Mailbox

Next, you can get a professional address in Claymont, DE. Delaware is the go-to state for LLCs. By having a business in Delaware there is no sales tax, a business efficient legal system with the Court of Chancery, and it’s an easy LLC formation process.

If you reside on the east coast, your Delaware location will be cheaper to forward packages and mail to other East Coast states. Take advantage of competitive shipping prices as a result of high-volume discounts for affordable shipping prices with VPM. Choose to have mail and packages combined and shipped as one bundle. Bundled shipping usually lowers the cost.

Nevada Virtual Mailbox

Nevada is one of the seven states in the US that does not have a state income tax. It also has a similar court system to Delaware and is one of the most business-friendly states.

As a Nevada LLC all employees, members, agents, and directors are protected from being personally liable in a lawsuit. Firms are not required to hand over a list of their business assets, and apart from filing with the IRS, there is no record of the asset being linked to the company. Also, Nevada won’t request corporate income tax information and share it with the IRS.

Another benefit of forming your LLC in Nevada is it is not required that owners or board members of Nevada LLCs be listed in public records when filing with the state, assuring an extra layer of anonymity. Nevada is well known for LLC asset protection and anonymity.

If you want to enjoy additional virtual mailbox features such as check deposit and a FREE registered agent in Nevada, check out VPM’s Henderson, NV location.


How do you protect your privacy and not use your home address? How do you present a professional business image to your potential clients and customers?

Virtual mailboxes can help you do that by providing a permanent street address attached to a commercial office. This way, you can comfortably work from home in your pajamas, but your customers will believe you’re operating out of a fancy office in a commercial city. You can have the best of both worlds with a virtual mailbox!